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    I'm going with a friend~

    Olivia smiled and followed him, wondering just what part of Seattle they were going to go to. She still had a couple of hours before her shift started, but... depending on where they were, she had to figure out how to get back. Clutching to the straps of her bag, she returned her sketchbook to where it had sat. Somehow... he thought. I'm happy I didn't go on the Ferris Wheel.

    You won't be saying that when he hates you.

    Olivia, shy but sensible, was a bigger voice of reason than he. A shadow crossed her face as she thought of that. it was only natural. He was lying so much about himself... even though it was what he wanted to be. At least.. he thought that way. It was so hard to understand... and even here, the city of Seattle, it was probably still little to be proud of.

    Would it be easier to tell him now and get it over with?

    Or would it be better to wait, or let him figure it out for himself?

    This indecision running through her mind, Olivia probably wouldn't even notice making it to the restaurant.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."