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    (Is this how this once historic thread is going to be like? Well okay)

    Rule 3:
    When you play Draven, and everyone steals your kill even if it means you have to pop your flash into it, run to the enemy tower and suicide. You get an instant S+.

    Rule 4:
    If you are a jungler, and you go 18-0-18 and your whole team feeds and you still won the game, report your own team. Honor the enemy.

    Rule 5:
    When you pick Xin Zhao but equip a keystone like Thunderlords instead of Fervor of Battle or Strength of the Ages (btw both options are good. I should know. I SHOULD KNOW), please uninstall game and don't blame me for not being able to climb out of your ELO and you claiming yourself as a Xin main. Please. Play overwatch if you don't want to worry about runes and masteries and items anymore.

    Rule 6:
    If you think you are playing poorly or not having the winrates that you deserve but you clearly are playing very well, blame Riot for everything. constant 2 week patch changes, thus you never really get any real practice unless you are a slave to the game, always read patch notes or PBE notes, live, eat, sleep, breathe, and probably have smutty sex with League of Lulz like it was the girl you always wanted to be with, because that's going to be your life if you want to reach Challenjour or maybe at least Masters. Since i already did, time for me to let it Decay Down to Diamond 1 again and at around 60+ LP so that I don't have to deal with the 10 Day vacancy bullcrap that Riot enforces to Master and Challenger tier players.

    Rule 6.5:
    Remember kiddies, MMR (The "hidden" winrate that you yourself can only see) is still more important than the Tier that you are at. You can be Plat something but with a decent MMR does increasing your chances of usually having good games, or you could be Diamond 5 but have really piss poor MMR that you always get clown fiesta games.

    Rule 7:
    Every time you try searching up for Ecchi artwork of Ahri, a Teemo dies. So do it!

    Rule 8:
    Everytime you commit a misplay, just always say "Lag" and people won't judge you. Not joking. Legit bros

    Rule 9:
    Ahri is actually a still decent character. Don't whine if Riot has not touched her (that's what she said) for a couple of months. Protobelt Ahri is quite busted, and smutty.

    Rule 10:
    Keep asking Riot for replays and eventually they might put that in the new client that they have been working on. Otherwise, voice out your opinions that Riot is being lazy, complacent, and being cringeworthy, and hope that you do not ever get an indefinite ban.

    Rule 11:
    If you face a RIoter or a bunch of them in a ranked game, make sure that you actually DO NOT overperform so that you do not become a reason to have your favorite champs get nerfed the next patch in their 2 week cycle.

    Rule 12:
    League is still sexier than DotA. Seriously guys. Ahri > Lina League is still sexy even if Overwatch is starting to become the sexier game. Ahri still wins, and Xin (the league champ) is still the manliest champ around.

    Rule 13:
    Remember kiddies, your own region is still far from the toxicity of the PH (Filipino) League Scene. So be glad you aren't playing in my region where its hard to climb because of all the monkeys that play in our server.
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