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This seems cool, but you forgot floor masters! I wont play it if it does not have Chugga's most hated zelda enemy :P
Well I can't have forgotten them because I only listed a few monsters for an example lol

But my understanding is they're practically the same monster, just one turns into 3 smaller monsters when you kill it. That would be really hard if not impossible for me to do in a Pokemon battle

Oh boy, this sounds interesting! Perhaps have Ganondorf have a similar role to Giovanni?

Also, for the fairies(assuming the sprite with two is a basic stage Pokemon), perhaps have them evolve into a swarm of different colored fairies before evolving into a Great Fairy(like the ones in Wind Waker). Since Fairy type isn't in FireRed, Psychic/Flying could be a good typing. Just throwing ideas out there!
The story isn't intended to just be Pokemon with Zelda characters, it's intended more to be a Zelda game using Pokemon as it's new combat mechanic haha. So Ganondorf would be like Giovanni in the way that Giovanni has Mewtwo, and when you fight Ganondorf maybe you'd fight Ganon instead. Maybe you even automatically receive certain monsters after battling them? Little things to work out, but keep the ideas rolling! And yes, the fairies will turn into a great fairy :) I was thinking those fairies would be the first evolution, maybe these as a second before the great fairy?

Or maybe they'll be a different monster altogether, like Caterpies and Weedles.