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    I see. I do not remember what most of them had before. I looked at my game, and I can roughly base their IVs based on what stat did not need hyper training.

    Jolly Mimikyu (level ball) (2iv)
    Modest Porygon-z (3iv)
    Adamant Gyrados (gen 4, premier ball) (1iv)
    Jolly Flygon (2iv)
    Careful Umbreon (4iv)
    Modest Rotom (Wash) (2iv)
    Jolly Kangaskhan (1iv)
    Calm Clefable (4iv)
    Impish Metagross (3iv)
    Jolly Arcanine (Moon Ball) (1iv)
    Relaxed Rayquaza (Gen 3 Soft Reset) (1iv)
    Adamant Kabutops (1iv)
    Jolly Tyranitar (1iv)

    Would you like to pick 4 of them, and we can do a 4 for 4 trade? Or, if i need to trade you multiple pkmn to get enough credits, im willing to do that as well.