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    First, to respond to some comments... :D

    Originally Posted by Neo-Dragon View Post
    I really like the look of it. Very like my own Pokémon menu.
    Well Pokemon Protectors has always been my most favourite game on here, and it did really inspire me to create my own Pokemon game. It's not surprising to me that some things in my game are similar to yours because of that, but I do try my best not to copy anything from any of the games here (whenever possible).

    Originally Posted by Neo-Dragon View Post
    Again, because your a fellow Rm2k3 developer, if you ever want some tips, PM me.
    Thanks. Will keep that in mind. :)

    Originally Posted by mitchell114 View Post
    This looks really awesome keep on the good work.
    Thanks. :)

    Originally Posted by GymLeaderLance99 View Post
    That Squirtle animation looks pretty cool, and I like that you're making some of them more literal. It's also interesting that you're using face shots for the party instead of those little party sprites, and the menu looks great. Keep at it, dude.
    Thank you. :)

    Moving on, I have a question to ask. Now, as you can already tell, I'm trying to make this game a bit more anime-ish, especially in the removal of Levels. But what about the stats?

    Originally I was just going to use numbers, as per the usual Pokemon game. But I'm not sure anymore. In the anime, you wouldn't be able to put a number on how good your Charizard is at defending, would you? So maybe I should not include numbers?

    But then, would it be too difficult to compare your pokemon to each other? Would it be too much hassle to make them have a training battle against each other? Me thinks so.
    When I removed Levels, I added a Danger Bar in battle, so that even though you can't put a label on how strong your opponent is, you could still roughly tell how strong it is compared to your active Pokemon.

    So going back to Stats, maybe I should take away numbers, but add something else. A graph? Diagram? Comparison Thingys? A colour-coded bar per stat that get's fuller and stronger in colour the stronger you get in that stat?

    Any Ideas?

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