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    Ahhh, I'm not good at writing one-shots and every sentence, so here's one I got.

    "I was once an unassuming Shuppet doll that no one wants to take or have their clinging desires for. They don't want a badly drained, blank face doll like me. I was sealed in a state of muteness, as no one noticed my internal, bottled up frustration and my dark despair to the whole world.

    It was once a spring afternoon in Virbank City. I recalled it as a busy yet exhilarating day. Various chatter and other joyful noises reached their way towards the Pokémon Megastore nonstop I took a glimpse at the sun that was shining through the windows. I could observe every detail that's around my immobile state, and that's very special.

    The only time where I would be happy was when various customers would race into the store like if a burst of energy was pulsed into their minds. They would quickly take their desired things in a heartbeat and call this store the best one there was in countless years.

    But I recall that one day, on the 12th of June. That day was my breaking point. I saw one boy come into the store. He had a joyful look on his face that gave me a curious feel. He lightly emitted out a few awes while he gazed around the expansive area. The female worker with an apron on her blue shirt walked to the boy. She kneeled down and rubbed his bushy brown hair.

    "Hey, little guy," she greeted happily, "Is there anything you want?"

    All of a sudden, the door was flung open, releasing an alarming bang; some of the novelties clatter nonchalantly. All of us quickly looked at the door, but it was his mother. She had a tired look on her face. Not only that, but she roughly tried to breathe, but it came out as a ghastly sound that frightened us.

    "Mama! I want that doll, that doll," the boy yelled. He identified me with his finger. He jumped anxiously with his excitement coursed in his little body.

    The mother's hair jumped up alertness as she spoke, "Ok, ok. Try to get that, ok?"

    The boy happily skipped along the sleek pavement on the floor towards me. I was very excited to finally leave this store where no one wanted to take me as their friend. But he took a glimpse at my meaningless gaze. As he scampered back nervously, his hopes were dropped. His face slowly turned into a gloomy expression. Tears quickly rushed down from his face and faintly dripped on the floor.

    Soon enough, his face lighted up into a deep shade of red; the green disgust that streamed out of his nostrils really made me disgusted.

    "Mama! I want the other one! Mama," the boy whined loudly. His mother dashed towards her unsettled child and pats his back gently. The light pats that were massaging his pain soothingly eased it away.

    The mother calmly said, "There, there. Let's get you the other big Minccino Doll ok?"
    Once I heard that, that really grinded my gears. I was in a state of alertness as it loudly echoed in my mind with its faint messages. I hated that doll with a deep and excruciating passion. Everyone would ignore me like I don't exist and these morons wanted to take that one since it looked "infatuating".

    Its gleaming, bug sized eyes gave me a nauseous feel that made my body ache with such an intense pain inside myself that made me want to regurgitate out my cotton, though I'm not an real animal. Its creepy smile really made me an intriguing thought, along with its light fur that made it over the top with its shiny looking appeal. As soon as I saw those two purchase that monstrosity and left, my frustration towards that doll cleared.

    I always got ignored by those inconsiderate customers. That's one thing that made my mind like a tricky puzzle. Every time, I laid my yellow eyes on them obsessively buying other dolls like if they were a pack of hungry wolves. It would irk me when I heard them call them call them "cute", "adorable", or "cozy". It would create a furious cloud that rained on my self-esteem with loud thunder that cracks inside."
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