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    * :)

    Blitzle- it is so dang cute!
    Zebstrika- powerful zebra that is so cool
    rufflet- very cute
    Braviary- an awesome eagle
    axew- so cute and cool at the same time
    Haxorus- awesome, amazing, great design, and looks epic!
    Darmanitan- at first, I did not like it, but then the anime made me like them. The daramuka is also cute. Zen mode is very interesting
    vanillite- I scream for ice cream it is very cute
    cubchoo- ACHOO cute
    litwick- you gotta love the little candle
    Chandelure- I love the blazing ghost chandelere should be in a ghost story
    lillipup- I love puppies!
    snivy- cute
    servine- cool
    serperior- I don't exactly love its stats, but great design
    oshawott- at first, I hated it, now it looks cute
    Samurott- love the epicness
    tepig- cute
    drilbur- this is so cute and cool
    lilligant- very elegant
    sandile- just very creative and cute
    scraggy- at first, I didn't like it, now, I really do! It is so funny!
    tirtouga- I love turtles
    Hydreigon- very epic cool dragon
    zorua- very cute! And super tricky
    archeops- very cool
    sawsbuck and deerling- very cool! They are so awesome with the season changing
    Amoongus- love the name FOONGUS AMOONGUS!
    ferrothorn- cool and awesome statistics
    klink klang klinkklang- I liked the gear Japanese names, but still, really cool!
    Kreyem- awesome icy dragon!
    virizon- interesting typing and cool design

    errikon- ummm, kinda too burly and creepy
    Keldeo- I don't like the design at all
    maractus- it freaks me out
    Emboar- ts growing on me, but I really hate the typing and design
    Bisharp- I don't like the flow, it doesn't seem balanced
    Mienshao- weird but interesting
    Mienfoo- annoying cry! I HATE IT!
    Zekrom- I like it, but it doesn't feel balanced I still like it a lot, but...
    Reshiram- I don't like the wings and face I still like it a lot, but...
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