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Cool that might sound great! Um.. do you know if there's a thread that's for published literature recommendations, too? Maybe the thread could be about good reads? .. but I am not sure if other entertainment already has something like that.
Culture + media have... what are you reading a thread and a 20-day-old-thread-since-last-post kinda about thoughts on books in general...? But I don't see any harm in a thread for discussing published books here anyways - heck, this place could use the activity more anyway. =p

And... personally I think it should be fine to just post one in the writer's lounge and make the list as you go (see firstly how many people post and then add the genres as you go). Besides, as Astinus said it wouldn't be the first time such a thread was made, if not in an official manner. (For that there's the (new) Fic of the Month listing and the fic index sticky, but the latter is not by recommendations and so is different).
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