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Invert monsters: Erm...Neos & Mokey-Mokey are already commons, so why bother using these at all? On top of that, part of Mokey's "charm" comes from it being a Normal monster, so this just ruins it...

Final Attack!: Alright. Situational win condition that still dies to Mirror Force.

Elemental Destiny Hero Jet White Spark Ninja Neos: Other than the mouthful of a name, this is situational and broken beyond belief. Almost 8000 base ATK = no thanks.

Writ of Transit: ...Bleh. The recoil brings the usefulness down.

Court Session: Card-stealing HO!! This makes me want to play the deck wrapped around it.

Curran's Circle of Spellbinding: Not bad...but destroying them outright is still more tempting.

Curran's Revelation: OTK material. End of story.

Originally Posted by Unlimited NiGHTS View Post
I know it's officially called Piercing, but it's not going to say that on an English card. That's why I typed it like I did.
Actually, it already has said that on an English card, which is why almost everybody's using it now.
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