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Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
I think they called it "Fairy" because it invokes a sense of magical attributes, while the way you described "Fairy" makes it all demonic :P

But I think it's up to the artist/designer to see what a fairy-type can be, because right now I'm still thinking of fairy-types having whimsical charm, kind of like Whimsicott and Jigglypuff. They're just outright silly, in both design and nature :D

And the Steel Eevee should be chosen by popularity, because I don't really care that much that I did it first
That's because I'm going by the definition of an actual fairy, lol. Besides, demonic can still be magical and fun! d:

Well, of course it is! I'm just saying that not everyone should feel restricted to "okay, it's a fairy, so let's make it pink with cutesy little wings and name it Tinkyball!"

I think I'm going to have some fun designing some fairy types. I don't know why, but I just kind of want to and feel like it, lol.
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