Goodbye PC...for now.

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Part 1: Arrival In Celestia

If one on the Celestia coastline listened carefully, they could hear something. A rather...mysterious something. A very odd something: A Wailord and his trainer approaching. They weren't being very loud, and they weren't going very fast. How could you hear them, you ask? Well...That's how calm the water was. Trent, who was sprawled out on Leviathan, looked straight up at the sky sighed dramatically. "It's a beautiful day, Leviathan." He patted the back of the massive whale-pokemon. "I'm gonna miss you guys. All of you." He knew the coastline was approaching and he would have to say goodbye to his team when he started his journey, but that wouldn't stop him from having one last gathering. Am I really ready? Am I really about to do this? No! I have to be ready! For Dad! "Leviathan... get us to the coast.

The Wailord sped up, and soon enough they were at the beach. Time to say goodbye... Trent pulled the remaining five Pokeballs from his belt loop and tossed them into the air. "Come on out everybody!" There was a bright flash, and soon enough the strongest group of Pokemon to come out of Hoenn stood before Trent: Vulcan the Camerupt, Oran the Sceptile, Valiant the Swellow, King the Slaking, Leviathan the Wailord, and Bramble the Cradily. "Hey guys..." The Pokemon all gave cries of recognition and praise. They all held their trainer with the highest regard, most of them wondering what this strange land was, what they were gathered for. "I need to tel you guys something." Most of them were terribly confused. "I...I love you guys. Don't forget that." Before they could think, he returned them to their pokeballs. It's for the best...

A very sad Trent Rift walked into the nearby Pokemon Center and approached the nearest PC. He booted the system up and sent a video phone call. It rung a few seconds before Roxanne picked up. "Hey Trent. Is it time?"

He nodded, but refused to speak, for his voice would betray him and cause tears to flow. He carefully placed each pokeball in a slot along the machine, whispering the name of the Pokemon that occupied the space inside. Trent pressed the button to send them away, and watched the pokeballs disappear in white light. I'm alone... For the first time since his friends died, Trent was truly alone in the world. He hung up the phone the second that Roxanne held up the pokeballs and walked outside of the building. Trent had gone through Hell and back with those Pokemon! He couldn't bare to be away from them! Yet, he had to. He looked up at the sky and found a rather peculiar sight: A trail of golden dust. Supposedly there was a rumor that if you saw Ho-Oh, you'll have good luck. Could it be? "No. It can't." Trent didn't believe it. There was no way that he would have good luck.

A lonely Trent strode into the Professor's lab, taking little time for pleasantries. He gave the professor a bright smile, despite the rotten feelings inside, and a respectful nod. "Hello, Professor Solaria! I'm Trent Rift. Pleased to meet you!" He held out his hand in greeting.

Professor Solaria took his hand and shook it. "Mister Rift! I'm glad to see you have arrived!" She smiled and walked back. "Follow me. I did my research, and saved a Pokemon especially for you!"

Trent didn't know how to respond, but followed regardless. She saved one...for me?

Solaria disappeared into a back room for a moment, but emerged a moment later with a Pokeball. "Take this." She handed him the Pokeball, "And this." About five 'this' laters, Trent was fully equipped with five pokeballs, five potions, and a PokeDex. "Now, be on your way. I expect great things from you, Mister Rift."

"Thank you Professor! I will!" Trent had a strong belief that he would make it far in the league, but he didn't know how far. He stepped outside of the lab and released the Pokemon the Professor had given him. There was a red flash, and Trent was faced with a familiar sight. A young Trent stands in the middle of a forest with his father beside him. "Now remember, Trent, choose your first Pokemon carefully!" "But daddy! I want that one!" Mister Rift turned to see a rather odd sight...It was a... Slakoth. Trent couldn't help but grin like an idiot. "A Slakoth?!" Maybe that HAD been a good omen... Whatever it was, Trent was A-Okay with it. "I'm gonna name you Kong!" Trent decided that in order for him to be like King, he had to have a name close enough. The Slakoth merely nodded contently at the name, and crawled onto Trent's shoulder, slowly but surely. The sloth then began to dangle from Trent's shoulders rather comically. Trent couldn't help but grin. Maybe I'll have good luck after all...