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Yuri Welkin - Chapter 1-1: New Horizons

Yuri felt the crisp sea air on his face as he stood on the ferry looking out at the region he would be spending the next few months in. Would it be months, or merely weeks? Years? He knew next to nothing about the region besides its shape and name, so he had no way of figuring out how long it would take to explore it all. That wasn’t even counting the time he would spend on the league challenge itself. But then again, he wasn’t even sure if he should do the challenge in the first place. He got his free pass to this unknown region, so now that he was here would they really kick him out for ignoring the league challenge considering that it was the entire reason for sending him the ticket? Probably not, but it was best not to take chances. As long as he was doing it at all it should be fine, so he could just have it as a low-priority concern.

Yuri could barely contain his excitement when the boat finally stopped. Pulling on his backpack, he rushed off the ship the moment he was able and took a good, close look at Celestia. Or, rather, Aurora town, as he was informed upon his arrival. At first glance, the town wasn’t very impressive. It looked like a nice place for someone who was into that “living out in the country” fresh air and nature stuff, but Yuri was already starting to miss being surrounded by innovation and technology, a forest of skyscrapers like back in Castelia. He shrugged it off though and looked for the pokemon lab. It didn’t take long to find, but he also found that there were various other trainers, presumably in his same situation, surrounding the lab as well. It seems his excitement faded a little because he was slowly reverting back to the timid self he was around people. He was glad that that self wasn’t an actual alternate self like that psycho. Yuri looked down and made his way inside the lab trying not to make eye contact with anyone. That usually triggered problems, conversations, or in the trainer world, battles.

Finally safely inside the lab, Yuri looked up and saw the woman he presumed to be the Professor of this region. He feels a little better around adults than youth because they aren’t always trying to make friends with everyone, or alternatively, trying to bully everyone. They usually have better things to do. However, there are exceptions to that, but professors usually aren’t considering that they have a lot of better things to do. Yuri, feeling better, held out the letter and ticket he received and said “Hi, I’m Yuri Welkin and am here to get a starter pokemon.” He wasn’t expecting the sort of response he got, though.

“Yes, of course. Nice to meet you, Yuri! I’m Professor Solaria.” The first thing Yuri noticed was that she was excessively friendly. Thus, as she continued speaking, Yuri put his head down once more. “I know you’re probably excited to start your adventure so I’ll try not to keep you here too long. Here you go!” She handed him a pokeball and the rest of the typical starting equipment for a beginner trainer before he was free to go. He quickly stuffed it all into his backpack and thanked her before rushing out of the lab, not looking her in the eyes even once. Once he was out, though, he realized that he never took the chance to look around in the lab and see all the equipment. He peeked his head back into the lab slowly, hoping the professor wouldn’t notice, and saw the typical fare for a pokemon lab before she noticed him and asked, “Did you forget something, Yuri?” which caused him to pull his head out and shut the door immediately.

Relieved to be done with that, Yuri took a deep breath before glancing around. He spotted the other trainers that had recently gotten their own pokemon all around him so he fled to a spot near the seaside that didn’t have anyone there and sat down. Taking out his starter’s pokeball, he reached deep into his backpack through a good deal of what some would call “junk” and found one of his inventions; the pokeball lock. He fit the device over the release button of the ball and attached the small touchpads to the surface before drumming a sequence along them, setting the code. Once that was done, he input it again to unlock it and let out his starter.

The Phanpy popped out of the ball with a yawn and briefly looked at Yuri before looking out at the ocean instead. He hoped it would warm up to him eventually. It started drinking the water but soon stopped after tasting the unsavory flavor of salt water. As it did so, Yuri realized that he was tired of referring to it as an “it”. Knowing that it wouldn’t have any notable gender differences until it evolved, Yuri instead decided to pick it up and check for reproductive organs. The Phanpy didn’t seem to like that, though, and promptly blasted him with water it had stored in its trunk. “Agh! Fine, fine, I’ll stop,” said Yuri. “I got what I needed anyway.”

Having successfully deduced that the Phanpy was indeed female, he put her down and got to work thinking of a name. He considered the data he’d collected on her thus far: She was a female, blue, and an elephant pokemon. She liked to blast water and drink water. He ran through the options now. Azula because she was blue? No, he didn’t like that name very much. How about Ellie because she was an elephant pokemon? Good enough, he supposed. The name wasn’t too important anyway. Next, Yuri looked at the Pokedex. According to it, Phanpy were known for their exceptional strength, apparently being able to lift a fully grown person on their back. Regardless of whether or not it was true, he didn’t trust Ellie enough to try riding her.

Yuri stood up and looked to Ellie, saying “Alright, from now on, I’m calling you Ellie. Sound good?” Ellie, however, seemed too busy playing in the water to pay attention to him. He sighed and said,“We should get moving if we want to get to Mercury City before dark.” Ellie again paid no mind to him so Yuri just returned her to her pokeball, the locking mechanism working automatically. He recalled a region map that was posted on a wall in the ferry and remembered that the next place after Route 1 is Mercury City. Finally ready to start his travels (and hoping Mercury City had more than Aurora Town) he set off to Celestia Route 1.

At least, that’s what he was going to do until he saw that one of the trainers wandering around was a girl wearing a lab coat. She was probably actually the professor’s assistant. Knowing that, he realized that this was a good opportunity to learn what Professor Solaria was researching. Professors tended to devote their time to studying one specific field pokemon science, such as the way Professor Juniper researches pokemon origins, Birch studies habitats, Oak studies pokemon-human interaction, and so on. It would be interesting to know, but he had already interrupted the professor twice so he would be even more nervous going in there again to ask. He was sure he would be okay asking the assistant if he made it clear that it was just business. Yuri decided to adopt a more stiff, “businessy” posture, as he called it, and walk towards her. “Miss, I would like to inquire as to the field of study that is researched by Professor Solaria.” In his mind he was panicking, but he hoped it wouldn’t show on his face. Or at least, show as obviously.

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