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Azurill kept bouncing; not stopping even if a wild horde of Plusles were to rush by. Surprisingly Azurill had quite the punch... thing is, if only she could listen to her and fight. Surely that can't be too hard, right? She's never had this kind of problem before. This is quite the troubling Azurill... maybe she can catch another Pokemon while Azurill learns to battle? Maybe this new addition can inspire Nana to fight! Yes!

Azurill turned, smiling and bouncing in joy. At first Pamela payed no attention, taking out a free Pokeball, but then a voice started to break the silence. Placing the ball into her pocket for quick access, she turns. “Get back here! Ellie, no!” the voice shouted out. It came from that same boy with the brown hair and sunken eyes. Coming straight her way was an adorable Phanpy.

"Azu azu!" her Azurill began, but Pamela knew she wasn't going to listen if she were to tell her to leave the incoming Phanpy alone. Nana turned, wanting to get permission, surprising Pamela.

"Unfortunately no... we don't know the Phanpy," she explained, causing Azurill to bounce back, hoping the Phanpy would get closer. Pamela stood up, ready to scare her away, but the boy beat her to it. He returned his Pokemon to its Pokeball... with a lock? She only caught a glimpse of it before he made an immediate turn. Hurrying out of sight, she blinked with confusion. 'Odd kid.' Thoughts a side, Pamela quickly noticed a Plusle walking right beside her.


"Attack!" Pamela pointed at the Plusle, who looked stunned at her sudden yell. Azurill looked confused, not knowing what to do. "Bubbles, now!" she kept ordering, but all Nana could manage to pull out were a few weak Bubbles that popped right before they made contact with the electric. There was a moment of silence, all three just standing there. Unfortunately it got broken by the Plusle, who fell down laughing at Azurill. She started to tear up, causing Pamela to face palm herself.

"He hurt Rattata too! I saw him!" Pamela blurted out, only to realize she looked like a dork pointing at the Plusle. Of course, Nana being gullible, immediately switched from teary to angry. Bouncing up using her tail, she waited a few second until she used Bubbles. While they fought and dodged, Pamela took out her Pokedex. Studying Nana, she was surprised to see... Muddy Water?

"Nana, use Muddy Water, now!" she orders. At first she blinked, confused. "Muddy Water... summon dirty water, Nana." With all her strength her tiny body could use, she attempted to do as her Trainer said. Water started to form around her, reaching one foot in height... but that was it. Dirty water, one foot high, splashed all over the Plusle. Of course, it tired the electric cutie, but nothing else.

Right when Azurill turned, the Plusle disappeared from his location. One second Azurill was happily dancing, the next she was slamming her face against the ground. Plusle had used Quick Attack! "You're not tired yet... are you?" Pamela asked Nana, trying to be sincere... only to fail. Nana sat up, tears in her eyes. "Wait, no. Don't. Do not cry-"


"Seriously?" she sighed. The Plusle managed to run away, wet and tired. Luckily Pamela noticed this Plusle had a scar on it's right ear, so she could recognize him for later. Nana kept crying, jumping on to Nana for comfort. "Come on...," she started saying, but trailed off. With a swipe of her hand, she returns her Azurill back into her Pokeball. "Eh, this is useless." With that said, she went deeper into the route, hoping she wouldn't bump into anybody.

Enjoy the hamster... love the hamster...
embrace it.