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How To Start A Friendship - Part 1

"Sure, a battle sounds good to me. Let's head on down to the basement in the main complex, it says in the rule book there's a practice arena there we can use."

Ryudo was confident about the events to come as even if he didn't win, he wanted nothing more than a chance to prove himself to his new partner. He could already tell they'd become great friends, but he definitely didn't want to be labeled the weaker of the two. They approached the elevator leading down into the arena and flashed their passes at the waiting guards. After being checked for prohibited items and cleared for entry, the pair entered the stadium and took their sides of the field.

Well, this'll be interesting... Malik thought, shaking slightly.

Wait... why the hell was he shaking? Was it because of the battle? He wasn't that excited was he? In truth, he probably was. He was going up against a Bronzing, not even 23 hours before the tournament even started. Malik had never gone up against a Bronzong before ... what the hell was this thing anyway?

Psychic? Ghost? Malik couldn't wrap his mind around it. Damnit! This kid is NOT gonna see me quivering like this. I've gotta do something before--

"We'll take the first move if you don't mind!" Ryudo called from across the sanded arena.

"Uh! ... Y-Yeah ... sure thing ..." Malik hesitantly answered back between shaking spells.

Ryudo took note of Malik's bewilderment and knew it was time to make a quick strike. The match started as the referee waved a flag to signal it.

"Bronzong, kick things off with Toxic!" Ryudo called.

In an instant, his Pokemon became encased in a glowing purple coating before shooting out large globs of concentrated poison over the battlefield in all directions, a move Malik recognized all to well. Based on the worried look on Dragonair's face and the confusion of what they were up against, Ryudo had no doubt in his mind that the attack would hit the defenceless Pokemon.

Damn Whirlipede ... Malik thought with a frown. "Hmph! We can handle that, right Serena?" His Dragon Pokemon mewed in recognition, so Malik called his attack order. "Alright then, use Twister!"

On cue, Serena focused her energy into creating a powerful torrent of air, mixed in with debris and the dirt from the arena, all aimed at Ryudo's Bronzong. The Toxic orbs, which were flying at Serena, now started to become swept up in the harsh winds of her attack. The colors swooped around inside until they all began systematically exploding, causing the Twister to dye itself a deep and brooding purple.

"Ha, you think that'll stop us? Bronzong, take the hit and retaliate with a Psychic attack! Show them your power.

WHAT?! Malik thought, surprised. Why would he let Bronzong take a hit like that? He'd be damaged for sure, but on top of that ...

He simply watched on as the menacing vortex of miasma washed over Bronzong's form, causing it to become unrecognizable inside it's purple mist. For some reason, Malik was more worried about Bronzong than Ryudo was, and he really began to doubt if his opponent knew the severity behind being succumbed to poison during a match.

Bronzong stayed still as the Twister's debris bounced off of its body, barely leaving a scratch. In actual fact the attack did hurt it a small amount, but it wasn't about to show that to its opponent; it was going to look invincible. Ryudo knew that a Steel type like Bronzong wasn't able to succumb to poisoning and that a Dragon attack would bounce right off its rock hard body, so he had no trouble letting it take the hit.

Hehe, that's my Bronzong... Stay strong baby.

After the Twister had died down and the deathly purple haze dissipated, Bronzong quickly hovered higher up into the air whilst beginning to shine a brilliant pink aura. The ground itself started to shake under the power of Bronzong's Psychic, but as for Bronzong, it simply continued on as if Serena's super-charged Twister attack left no affect. It grew a large grin as its eyes began concentrating before making the field erupt in a pink vortex.

Huh? Bronzong looks completely unphased by the Twister attack? Malik thought looking even more tensed and nervous than before.

Rocks and rubble flew from all directions at the waiting Dragonair as Psychic powers were attacking it from all directions. A huge cloud of smoke erupted around the Dragon Pokemon which slowly descended, revealing the outcome of the attack.

Heh, looks like we're just getting started. Ryudo said with a tauntingly devilish grin.

"Serena!" Malik called desperately, watching his Pokemon's tragic looking downward spiral. The smoke blocked his view, and for whatever reason, Malik automatically feared the worse.

He'd been at the end of a pretty good amount of Psychic attacks before; what was it that made this one so notable? Was it from his nerves? ...No, Malik's had nerves before a few matches before. Even Glace from back home in Iccirus had put him on the ropes in a battle or two and his friend didn't even like Pokemon battles, so that definitely wasn't it.

Was it because Dragonair was a Dragon-Type? Are Psychic moves super-effective on Pokemon like her? Come to think of it, Malik's never used Dragonair on a Psychic Pokemon before. Not too many Pokemon of that type choose to hang around the icecaps in Iccirus, so he hadn't had much experience in that department.

But putting that aside, there was still something gnawing at his head as he tried to maintain his grasp on the situation. However, whether he wanted to or not, Malik was about to get the answer to an even more important question; was his Dragonair okay after such a powerful attack?

Within a few more seconds, Serena could be seen hovering in the pocket of air her body creates for her levitation. Malik could easily see the few scrapes from the previous attack, knowing that Psychic, while not as effective as he made himself believe, still left its mark on the Dragon Pokemon.

"Ugh! Gotta shake this thing off! Okay, Serena! Use Dragonbreath!"

His Pokemon sprang back into action, giving a slight battle cry as he came in close to deliver her mid-ranged Dragon attack.

Ryudo looked perplexed. Dragon Rage? Don't they know they should wait for Bronzong to use its Psychic powers before attacking whilst its defense is low? Man, and this guy's meant to be my partner... As the Dragon Pokémon started to move closer, Bronzong simply stayed still, unmoving. It was obvious the Pokémon had complete faith in its trainer; no matter how confused Ryudo was about Malik's plans at that moment.

"You're not gonna beat my Bronzong with brute force dude; you've got to wait for the right moment before attacking." Ryudo had a brilliant grin whilst saying this as he realized a win was becoming easier to grasp. "Now Bronzong, quickly use Iron Defense to brace the attack!"

Bronzong's body shone a brilliant silver as its body tightened up and became hard as steel. Heh, this'll be a sinch. As the Dragonair's attack crashed into Bronzong, the Dragon type was thrown back without Bronzong taking a scratch. Its body had become something of a shield, so bracing an attack like that was no problem at all.

"Come on Malik, you said you were good at this stuff! How're we going to win the tournament with moves like that?" Ryduo raised his hand into the air. "Alright Bronzong, let's show them your Gyro Ball!"

Bronzong began to spin on the spot, picking up speed with every rotation until the Pokémon became a blur. His arms started shining a brilliant blue making the Pokémon resemble a giant steel wrecking ball, which then began to move. From the impressive speed it had gathered, the wrecking-ball Bronzong was now hurtling full-speed into the awe-struck Dragonair...

I'm not liking this... Malik thought, his mind racing in an uncontrollable frenzy. How do we beat this thing if our speed isn't even enough?

(Part 2 to be posted by Malik~)
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