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Posted July 24th, 2018
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Good to hear it worked!

So the first but is something I can't seem to replicate. I haven't been able to fix it, so hopefully it was a one off? I'll give it a better look next time I'm home, I guess?

The ticket man is in slateport!

-cleaned up petalburg gym to be more navigable
-added a cool new puzzle in floor 2 of victory road. it's a bit of a masterpiece imo!
-the secret in victory road now respawns
-buffs for scyther, starters, shuckle, and eevee
The bug is not so critical, anyways. You don't need to enter there after collecting the item, but the bug is there, so I'm just letting you know :)

I'm gonna update to the latest version as soon as I can and will inform you if anything's wrong ;)

I'm gonna search for the guy then, but I can't seem to find him :(
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