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By one question I think you mean two XD
The storyline is changed a little but a lot of it is similar. I rewrote archie and maxie completely and changed the order you visit the towns to keep it fresh. Emerald's storyline is actually quite different from oras to start with though so you should have fun.

There are loads and loads of type changes, some are listed in the first post but here's a complete list:
charizard, venomoth and gyarados are dragons now rather than flying (or poison),
parasect is grass/ghost because the bug d i e d,
butterfree's also bug/psychic
both nido lines are now poison/normal
ninetales is fire/psychic,
Rapidash line is now fire/normal
Hypno's now psychic/fight
Golduck is water/ghost type,
kingler got steel type, idk, it just did
muk got dark type (since before gen 7, nintendo stole my idea tbqh),
Kangaskhan's now normal/fighting
Seadra is water/dragon just as with kingdra
Goldeen/Seaking are water/normal
Electabuzz/Magmar both got fighting type

Meganium is grass/ground now
Hoothoot line is psy/fly now
Ledian is bug/elec
girafarig is dark/psychic now,
Dunsparce is normal/ground now
granbull is normal/steel type
stantler is normal/psychic

swellow is fight/flying,
shedinja is bug/dark,
Masquerain's Water/bug now
volbeat's bug/elec and illumise is bug/psychic,
aggron's pure steel,
torkoal's fire/steel type
Nosepass is rock/steel
cacturne's grass/ghost,
Tropius is grass/dragon yessss
absol is dark/normal,
banette is ghost/normal (this type combo is busted),
chimecho is psychic/ghost
Bagon's dragon/fire, shelgon's dragon/rock,

and there's probably a couple I forgot
Oh wow so there are quite a bit of changes! Awesome! I'm also really glad my boys Tropius and Bannette got some love, what a great idea! This seems great. As far as I can tell there are stat changes, too, yes? Anyways I've played a couple hours of it and it is fantastic. I love the starter choices (went with Crawdaunt bc he's a beast), the additions to all of the towns, and the newer different look to everything. Great job!