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    So I have had this idea floating around my head for a while. I played the Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia game recently and really liked the Almia region. But wondered how it would have looked if instead of a region full of Pokemon Rangers, it was a region for trainers.

    So that lead me onto my second thought. This was on how to make a new game, but make it different in a way that could build on characters we never really got a backstory for. So here I am. The working title for this is Pokemon 1 (of course only working title, suggestions?)

    You begin your journey in Almia, as either a boy or a girl (of course you have the option). The most canon choice is boy, so I will go into the detail of this choice for now.

    You are a 10 year old Caine, ready to start his Pokemon adventure with his two friends/rivals, Sammy and Agatha. The three of you will adventure together across this region and take on the Pokemon League, but in the process take down a new evil team wanting to use Pokemon for something they shouldn't (again of course).

    Sammy; He is your childhood friend, kindhearted and very friendly to both people and Pokemon, he will travel Almia with you and test you every so often, he too is hoping for Championship greatness.

    Agatha; By now, with this name being thrown around, you should know who Sammy will become. Agatha is your strong willed next door neighbor, a burning for strength and the lust for Championship greatness (everyone's after it these days). She loves to travel and may even have a slight crush on Sammy, but only time will tell.

    Professor Oak; No, not the Oak we all know and love. However this Oak is very close to the latter, even fatherly. He is the current professor of the Almia region, he gives the three of you your started Pokemon and tasks you all with filling up the Pokedex so he can gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between people and Pokemon. He too is very kindhearted and loves Pokemon.


    The Almia region is beautiful, ranging from wonderful beaches to dense woodland. Mostly covered in forests, it is the perfect place to house so familiar Pokemon for your journey. It's environment is a lot like Sinnoh's due to being very very close to the region.


    Well as I've said the Almia region is very close to Sinnoh, so it makes sense that the starter Pokemon are that from Sinnoh; Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup. But because of the environment, those may just be some of the only Sinnoh Pokemon you see.

    Well that is all I have atm, it's quite late at night so I'm probably forgetting something, and if the grammar is a bit sqiffy please forgive me. Tell me what you think, all constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks