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    Before I get a dozen questions about 'Earth and Sky Origins,' I want folks to hear me out. I wanted to finish Origins and I still intend too with the group who is still activate and keeps in touch with me; and while me and the group still makes joint posts; we can no longer post there due to a Necro Posting rule setup by the board; THUS.... We have a blog setup where we wills start posting our Joint Post's. Which can be both read and found here.

    Earth and Sky: Beyond, will be another project all together that will be posted to join in OOC. Another beast and another partaking in the next leg of this series...
    I want to ask anyone who is still around to read this, If your interested in seeing something like this and would want to read or even join such a story, let it be known here.

    What's going on?:
    First off; [Earth and Sky Beyond] will not take place in Lethia. As we're writing the chapters to post back to the blog; Lethia will return to Earth, however it will no longer be the focus. The next leg of this story takes place out west in a new region which is dubbed 'Ignea.' A vast land of dust, sand, canyons and dirt, a waste land with it's own properties that make it unique just as Lethia itself is unique of it's own with Gaia's Heart as the floating dragons nest or the Silitune Sands where the environment remains silent to all disturbances; though the unique properties out in Ignea will be incredibly different from what others are use to seeing.

    The rules for pokemon team building will remain the same; limiting your moves to a solid 4 and your pokemon and evoloution status being Stage 2 and below with the exception of any veterans who have joined previous iterations of this series. However, the use and inclusion of numbers in past iterations is removed. In other words, this journey into Earth and Sky, this combat battle royale, will not have badge's, nor points and no upkeep with such progress along with some other elements that never really worked out THAT well in the last iterations, including the first. We, the group working with me to keep this next iteration consistent, are looking to make the next iteration more story driven with characters while keeping to the idea of a survival story in harsh conditions in places unexplored, unkown and just as dangerous as Lethia. While we are still attempting to hammer out the more finer details of the story, it will be a while before the actual OOC is posted followed by the IC.

    Some may ask if there is still some form of free-roaming element to the story. The answer is, I have no idea. I plan to stick to my guns with how I've run my previous iterations to keep it as open and free, though it's something we'll juggle while forging the rest of the new region.

    With all said of what I can give for now; if there is any interest to return to Earth and Sky, like above and below here, post your thoughts, questions or just show interest to enter a story of survival once more.

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