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    Originally Posted by Mateus_ View Post
    I did 6 hous a day just cause this is my frist one... and I was motivated... but as u speak it seems ur not that motivated
    anyway to rest is just an advice :P
    I may need to rest now. Remember when I said I felt like I was getting sick? Well, it's finally starting to overcome me.... I have a sore throat and I don't feel good at all.

    And I'm cold. I'm almost never cold, I'm a very hot natured person..

    Originally Posted by Storm_Dragoon View Post
    I only did about 2 hours of SRing for the one-who-will-not-be-blue Giratina the past 2 days, all because of Okami xD. After today, I will be off until 12 p.m. on Sunday, so I'll be SRing for Giratina while I'm off and hopefully it'll shine soon.

    My other targets have also remained untouched, seeing as I'm trying to get up to Celadon City in FireRed 2 so I can begin SRing for a shiny Eevee. I have many from chaining, but it'll be my first shiny Eevee by SRing when I get it. I'll also be getting back to Regirock in Emerald and hope it'll shine.

    Congrats on your new shinies guys. Come to me shiny Giratina!
    Coincidentally, a close friend of mine (well I'd like to think of them as close) is doing the same thing, trying to get another shiny Eevee in LG, and she has been trying to get a shiny Giratina for a very long time now...
    Good luck on those. Is it just me or is Giratina just really, really hard to get shiny for some people? I wanted one at one time but quit early since I wouldn't really be able to use it much.

    Originally Posted by rivalwashere666 View Post
    i suppose that depends on what you will use the nincada for however.. i went and caught a lot of jolly shiny nincada, and i find jolly good if you want it to be a baton passer etc. but i suppose adamant would be useful for an offensive ninjask/shedinja... i don't know XD i just know jolly is useful :P

    anyway, i have now nearly finished on making a shiny team, here is the trainer card! :) i'll try and take pics of the actual pokemon too:

    i have been doing a lot of work for quite some time chaining these pokes and synchronizing for the right natures..and i'm finally ready to EV them..i also picked the ones that had the best IV's :)
    Jolly seems like overkill for Ninjask but I suppose it could work. I used my Ninjask early in my career. As I became more skilled and more well-rounded, I swapped it out and a few others for my current team members, but it's all about to get an overhaul when I get shiny Magikarp.......

    urk I feel awfl.

    I didn't make it to 1,140 eggs hatched last night, so I'm at like... 1,114 right now. I think I'm just going to lay down and see if I can hatch some but it's wore on me. Last night I dreamed I was playing that new Animal Crossing game that I haven't got yet... it was so refreshing....

    I also dreamed I got like 10 packs of Pokemon cards. fun. :)

    Good luck everyone....
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