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Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post

Also does anyone think that Bel is Barry's sister?
Suprisingly, I never really noticed it before, but wow. They do look a lot a like.
Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
I thought she seemed a lot like Barry when I first saw her (actually, I mistook the thumbnail of her as Barry, and was excited to see him...then disappointed when I realised it wasn't). It's much weirder that Bel even has a similar personality to him. I wonder if it was intentional. :S Did they like Barry that much? :S

I *love* Barry in this pic XD

I love that image, I just saved it. Lucas looks kawaii too. :3

Also, although I like the idea of Bel and Barry being siblings, I don't think matching personalities could count as a biological match. xD
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