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    Well I dabble in the competitive curcuit (emphasis on dabble), however I don't really use flying types when I compete...(I usually go for weather strategies and flying types don't do so well in those, outside of legendaries, and I don't like to compete with them). However, in game I'd say the bird that benefited me the best would have to be a toss up between Zapdos (thanks Mentalii lol) and Archeops. Zapdos's typing is killer, and helped me sweep against many an elite 4 member in RYB and GSC. Archeops, however, has done the same for me in the Gen 5 games (so long as I never let it get below half health, but with its speed and attack power that was never really a problem).

    Hey, snowy, I got an idea...why don't we have a little contest (just for fun). I'm working on a fan game, and while Im not a really great artist, I do like having to design my own pokemon...Why don't we see who can come up with the best fan made flying type pokemon? (compelte with pokedex entry for good measure, lol). Just an idea. We don't have to. :P
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