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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
No that is a Mod, a hack requires more than that, and a little bit of skill. It is a lack of effort, anything can be done with enough effort, and knowledge (With knowledge obtainable through effort).

But that is not the storyline, the zombies are the bad guys, and thats why you are fighting them, it wouldn't be an apocalypse if they were your friends.
I love how you keep dodgeing this question.
Also, have you played the game?
If it's a no, why bother commenting on a hack you never played. If it's a yes, then that's your opinion but doesn't give you the right to talk down about a hack that "isn't as beautiful as Flora Sky" (the tiles hurt my eyes in that hack) but what mostly is a beautiful hack has an unoriginal story. I'd rather pick an original hack then a graphicly amazing.

I voted for Snakewood because I never played the other two games but I might give them a try.
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