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    Originally Posted by LCCoolJ95 View Post
    I tried using a technique that incorporated using Fire Red's hex values. I was going to copy the beginning of the hex values and find them in the Ruby rom. It didn't work. Though, I found the first two hex values of the animations from Fire Red and in Ruby. The rest didn't match up though...
    Pointers are going to be different between ROMs. The Attack Animation offset is a table, and a table in terms of ROM hacking, is a collection of pointers that the game refers to. So obviously tables will be completely different, but they will be in the same format. In order to find the Attack Animation Table in Ruby, what you should do is this:

    1. Go to the offset of the table in a FireRed ROM
    2. Go to the offset that the first pointer lists in the table
    3. NOW search for that hex data in a Ruby ROM
    4. Look at the offset that the search took you in the Ruby ROM, then convert it to a pointer
    5. Search for your new pointer in the Ruby ROM
    6. You should now be at the Animation Table for Ruby
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