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Originally Posted by Nerketur View Post
Fourthly... I don't usually like to do this, but I'd like to officially request anyone willing to help to really help me with figuring out the more tricky opcodes. It would be nice to have the debug version of NO$GBA or any other emulator with debugging capability, so I can more easily figure out the codes myself. What free emulators include this functionality? Does anyone have recommendations? It would make all this easier for sure. I'll do some searching on my own, too, so I can do better than just edit and restart emulation.
I actually have the debug version of No$GBA 2.6a, but despite it's debugging functions... either I don't know how to operate the debugging functions or they just simply don't work at all. It's a very old program and very buggy.

Anyways, best of luck with your PMD tool, someday I might use it to change it's scripts one way or another. I've also been rather curious of the sound data in the ROMs of Time, Darkness and Sky, as they have a completely different way of using it. In fact they don't have an .sdat, as you may already know. They have three folders, which are, BGM, SE and ME, all using a completely different format to what .sdat files use.
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