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    I played this hack today and it looks good but there are few things I am not glad with. First, Mikachu´s attacks are: lv5- confusion, thundershock; lv.7 teleport, lv.10 transform, lv.17 iron tail, lv.20 safeguard, lv.28 thunderbolt and more (i suppose). But my Mikachu have following stats: HP 78, ATT 44, DEF 37, SP.ATK 39, SP.DEF 33, SPD 44. I think that pokemon who can learn thunderbolt or more non-physical attacks (maybe psychic (?)) can have bigger special attack and defense than normal. Yes, he has Iron Tail, but its only physical attack. And I had few problems with more powerful trainers about that strange forest where was gym leader (second, if I am right!) with Nuzleaf lv.30 and Tropius lv.32. Oh my GOD! How the hell I can beat him with my Mikachu lv. 28 with low special attack? With iron tail which still misses? or with 25 thunderbolts? (I suppose that leader has 1 or more Super potion) Dont you think its slightly strong?

    All in this beta looks good graphically but those things make me feel strange about it. I hope you will edit those things because I like your hack and your work. I wish you a good luck and many new betas! :-)

    I am sorry for my english I know it isnt good :(