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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Natalie "Nat" Skoleya
Okay, power looks a lot nicer now, I am assuming that for the present time she can only turn small parts of her body into this substance. Just remove the ability to amplify the power of weapons and everything looks great!

Originally Posted by Typh View Post
this sounds interesting. may I join?

Name: Ammaron Arkintosh
Alias: Dragonheart

Dragon blood: his blood always runs hot, when he is angered/enraged his blood boils, giving him the strength and endurance of a dragon. When active he enters a mode of blind beast Rage, causing him to have little or no thought about his actions. thus potentially causing him to harm his friends. when in this "beast mode" is active he becomes a virtually unstoppable force. The Dragon blood however is likely to knock him out if he is in the mode for too long. this ability is rarely known, and often has different affects on others with dragon blood, such as the type of dragon blood they have, (water, forest, mountain, ect.) each depends on what they did when they were younger before their powers were unlocked.The dragon blood also causes him to be consistantly hungry, to where he often feels like he has to eat almost all the time. When he returns to consciousnesses he is often feeling starved because of the amount of energy the blood used up.
Of course you can join. If you can, maybe put a little more into your Sign Up? Making paragraphs longer and bigger, also expanding on his history. About your ability, it seems that you have adapted this from another source, which is good, but in Atlantis, dragons are as much a myth as they are in RL and as such not really a part of this RP. If you could change it, perhaps to something like rage-fueled aggression that allows him to have increased strength and reflexes would be fine, but a "virtually unstoppable force" is a no.

Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
I'm pretty sure Skymin is the only reason I realized the show even existed. That was a while ago, though, lol.

Aaaaand I just spent, like, over an hour trying to make fancy CSS my sign-up, because I felt like experimenting.
And then I realized it looked horrible and now I'm scrapping it all. >.>;

Okay. Sign-Up . . . hasn't even really been started, considering what I just said, lol.
Just start the SU already.
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