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    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    Interesting thought, but could the lack or removal of gun control be unconstitutional? After all, the amendment says "Well Regulated". And what is gun control? Regulation.

    However, shall not be infringed. Regulations pertaining to who can and can not own weapons, primarily the federal laws that prohibit convicted felons such as murders and rapists, is against this.

    The amendment requires us to have gun control, a form of regulation. But it also says that the rights shall not be infringed. Any form of regulation is, basically, the limitation of something because of, or due to, certian circumstances. In this case, regulation is limitation of the 2nd amendment. Which is, by the amendment, not allowed.

    Ironic isn't it? The 2nd amendment both requires and forbids regulation.
    From my history lessons I know the American Constitution has the flaw that it can't be changed, only amendments can be made. I wonder if this ever leads to a "revolution", as any change of this fact would be against the law.

    Comparing with the Germans, we can change our constitution, but not the first paragraphs about human rights. Sounds pretty clever this way :P But well, ours came much later than the American's (and they looked over ours, too), so I can't blame you.
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