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"Right! I need to win this tournament, so I'll be counting on you too!" The blue haired girl exclaimed, without stuttering, to her partner. Winning was apparently something she was going to take very seriously, and she certainly had her reasons, though the sudden outburst made her Blaziken jump a little. She quickly became aware of her exclamation, though, and her face lit up a bright red. "S-sorry..." She fumbled with her dress as she apologized, not sure if she'd startled Amaterasu. "So what now, Amertas-" She lit up again, realizing she was having phonetic problems saying her name. "I-is it okay if I call you Ami? Or some other nickname?"

With a sigh, she returned her Blaziken and dropped another Pokeball, a purple Mismagius popping out and floating around its master. She always let out her ghost type when she was being extra nervous, since Mismagius and herself had been together since childhood. The ghost looked around suspiciously, eying the Ninetails with caution. Was it an enemy? Surely Eria would tell her so!

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