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Kirkland Lawrence

“So you are a guy, I was right,” sighed the reddish-haired girl, her Infernape growling in the background. "That wasn't a nice introduction though... I'm Jess long."

Is she one of those girls, Kirkland thought upon hearing her last statement. He had merely said 'hello there', what's wrong with that. Nonetheless, he sighed and introduced himself. "My name is Kirkland Lawrence," he said before pointing to his Espeon and Lucario. "These two are Harmony and Hope and my third Pokemon is a bit too big as well." With that said, he looked towards his Pokemon, who's expressions showed everything.

On one side, Harmony was timidly hiding behind Kirkland, obviously scared of the ferocious looking Blade. On the other hand however, Hope continued to stare at his partner's Pokemon. She was prepared for a fight. "Calm down," he told her. "There's no need to start anything.

"Moving on, it looks like you and I will be a team Jess. I have a question though. Will you be prepared to win?"
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