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As the poor boy fell to the ground from the impact of Ryudo's collision, his hand swept across Ryudo's for what seemed like a life time. As Ryudo gazed down into the boy's deep blue eyes, he became speechless and couldn't even muster the courage to move as the boy stood up in front of him. Woah... Ryudo watched as the boy's bright red hair danced in the sunlight shining brightly, radiating his perfectly sculpted face and exceedingly cute smile. "I, uh... umm... S-Sorry..." Ryudo just knelt and stared until he was finally brought back to Earth by Emolga's loud cry.

"Ack, my name's Ryudo, nice to meet you!" Ryudo shouted at the boy as he ran after Emolga. The two Pokémon seemed to be in the middle of a fight, tackling each other with terrifying speeds. "Emolga, stop that now! You'll get us disqualified! What happened here anyway?" Although Emolga took no notice of Ryudo's plea and continued to charge at the retaliating bird Pokémon; they must've already kindled a fierce rivalry judging by the excited expression on the Pokémon's faces. "That's it. Emolga, return!"

As Ryudo called Emolga back into her Pokéball, he noticed the red haired boy's Medicham sjirachiing at what had just happened. Embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of Emolga's behavior, Ryudo turned to Malik and beckoned that it was time for them to leave back to the dorms, but he couldn't help wondering about that red haired boy and what he was doing here. Had he seen him before? Perhaps back in Sinnoh? Hopefully I didn't look too stupid back there... Thanks a lot Emolga.
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