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I believe this will be my second time doing this, but I know it will be my last. A lot of the questions I have recently seen pop up here in both Quick Questions threads have been pretty off topic from the Fifth Generation. If you have a small question concerning Black and White, or Black 2 and White 2, please, post them in their respective Quick Questions thread. Otherwise, if you have questions about such things as EV/IVs, damage calculation, Hidden Power calculation, ROMs, trading, competitive battling of any kind, in-game team help, which of the Fifth Generation games you should buy, do not post them here.

Competitive Battling help can be found here: Battle Center
Trading Pokemon can be found here: Trade Corner
In-Game Team Help can be found here: In-Game Team Help thread
Other Pokemon General Gaming topics can be found here: Pokemon Gaming Central

If in no way your question does not specifically, 100% deal with the Fifth Generation, such as Pokemon locations, Pokemon movesets, Pokemon etc, trainers, gym leaders, characters, areas, item locations, what to do next, etc, your post will be deleted, and you will receive a warning from here on out.