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    While I love it's design and concept, the execution is a massive letdown in terms of stat distribution.

    1. It is very fragile. That massive HP stat doesn't mean jack if it can't take even resisted hits well. Regardless of EV investment in it's bulk, it won't be as bulky as you'd like it to be.
    2. Offensive stats are lower than nearly the rest of the entire Ultra Beasts. It's hilarious that Snorlax has naturally higher attack than a destructive alien dragon.
    3. Lack of reliable recovery. Drain Punch doesn't count, as Guzzlord would hardly find the opportunity to use it.
    4. With all these flaws, even if there's a logical explanation for it's scarcity in Ultra Space, it isn't worth the hassle of being the most difficult Ultra Beast to find in USUM.
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