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Originally Posted by sρεcтяα View Post
Yeah, I think I like your illustration better; Disney stores never even got close to competing with the excitement of going down to Toys R Us and running up and down the LEGO aisles stacked so high I could barely see the top. xD

...complete with a Girafarig head on the front, right? Mons R Us.

That said...a store that actually sells Pokemon would be nice. Accruing Game Coins to buy a Dratini always bothered me immensely in the past. Why not a store that sells them for cash? Recording time is hardly an issue, so they could get new stock in every day...maybe a shiny every now and then. It'd be a great way to get Pokemon not found in the wild or in that version, as well. I suppose it could be a Pokemon Pound of sorts, since selling Pokemon will probably have PETA up in arms or something, but surely buying them like pets is better than winning them through excessive gambling?

Also selling Pokemon pets is awesome! You could play with them, buy Rare Candy for them (because mons r us would obv have candy, and awesome candy such as RARE CANDY), and take them home.

The question is whether GF are actually that creative to do it. ;(

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