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    first of all i have to say that this is a GREAT tutorial. before i read this one, i have zero knowledge about hex, now i can create my own moves.

    here i have two custom moves. the only reason why i created them is because i was annoyed that two very good ability is not created yet in gen III, which are known as "Snow Warning" and "Imposter". and we all know how difficult it is to edit/create an ability, so why don't we just make moves that mimicking their effect? so i created them just for fun, here they are:

    The first one is Carbon Copy. It is meant to help Ditto a lot. I created this move as a replacement for Imposter.
    00 02 03 9B 09 0A 13 B4 E5 3F 08 12 40 00 15 2E 85 3E 02 02 08 15 28 4E 69 1D 08
    Basically it is just Transform + flinched effect, and add priority 5 = works like Imposter, right?. To make this move work, just edit ind PGE attack editor and give the "priority" 5 and "effect accuracy" 100. sadly, Inner Focus is still unaffected :( , but it is still much better than Transform, right? :D
    EDIT: for type, use Dark not Normal, because it has no resistance. i don't remember if transform works for ghost type (because it is normal), just in case.
    second one is Cold Call. I created this move as a replacement for Snow Warning.
    00 02 03 C8 15 2E 85 3E 02 02 08 15 28 14 7A 1D 08
    just like Carbon Copy, it is just Hail + flinched + top priority. it still cause the hail only 5 turns, but you are still able to use it again and again. for the animation, just imagine it like Roar/Growl + Ice background (like Sheer cold/Icy wind background) or whatever crossed to your mind.
    those moves work for me, but you can try it and just tell if there is problem.

    @itman: yes you did make a great tutorial, but replacing those pointer (like step 12) is such a pain in the feebass. you said like "just find them and replace them one by one" and there are like 200+ pointers. actually you can just use "edit>replace" or simply press ctrl+H, it saves you time.
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