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    Name: Min (if you're using all caps for the name please make the name "MIN" but if you're using proper grammar for the names, make it "Min". thanks)
    (when she has dialog, I'd like her to seem tough, but somewhat girly. like: "So you think you're good enough to beat me? let's find out!" at the beginning of a battle and something like: "Kyahh! my poor Quilava..." after losing. That sort of thing.
    Place First Met (In Johto/Orre Which City?): Goldenrod City, after beating Whitney. (no battle until Ecruteak)
    Pokemon Team: Quilava (female), Fearow (male), Flaaffy (female), Vaporeon (male), Phanpy (female), Heracross (male)
    Level should be anything that fits the point in which Silver fights her. However, I prefer Quilava to never evolve. Also, Quilava should be the highest level of the six - even if only one level higher. First sent out should be Phanpy or Flaaffy - whichever you choose.
    By the first battle with Silver, Min's Pokemon will be too high for Quilava to be Cyndaquil. It's the same situation for Flaaffy and Fearow, since Whitney's Pokemon are levels 18 and 20 (unless you're changing them). Phanpy can evolve into Donphan after the first fight - regardless of level. I'd like for Vaporeon to already be a Vaporeon in the first fight.
    RPG Sprites:

    Is your Character Against of for what Silver is doing?: Neutral - she wants to test his abilities, but couldn't care less what Silver actually does.
    I will provide the trainer sprite in battle and in OW aslong as you provide details, or provide your own trainer sprites

    I can make an overworld sprite if you want, or
    you can make one based on the trainer sprite design I posted.
    By the way, my trainer is a recolored and edited splice of Anabel (body), Winona (legs and hair; minor edits), and Lucy (feet; major edits).

    EDIT: Here is the trainer overworld sprite. If you accept my character (which hopefully you will) I will make the walking sprites etc.
    I'll make any changes you want as long as my concept is intact. Just so you know, I'm no spriter - I usually only do recolors and occasional revamps. I did maybe... 4 splices... ever? Not sure. But anyway, there are a few variations on the overworlds. Choose which you like best...

    I have the regular sprite in there since I was using it for colors... Couldn't be bothered to take it out. ^^