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    Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
    Why do I always want to plot with other RPers to have some character interaction in the future when I RP instead of just letting things happen?
    Ah, I was wondering a little about that myself. Not really sure, if I feel the need, I guess I'll PM, and of course anyone can PM me or something if they want to sort something out.

    Ah, well, Turnip can't stay in the Bunkhouse all day, as much as he might want to. Something has to happen, after all.
    Okay, I'm just posting a little extra to the IC. Thought it would be better if everyone was in roughly the same location. Well, within each faction, of course.

    And yeah, I know I said no NPCs, and that's roughly true still. Just randoms, unless - heck, I'll just do what I want. never mind XD
    Turnips shall rise.

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