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    If you eventually expand this to include editing the abilities, types and so on, and you can load existing PBS files to do so, then any custom things the player wants to make can be done within your program. The drop-down boxes can list whatever's in the PBS files (more correctly, whatever data has been loaded/modified by the program), i.e. including custom things. I'm imagining creating a new ability in the Abilities tab, then going to the Pokémon tab, choosing a mon and giving it the new ability (like how the RMXP Database works).

    I'm assuming here that you want your program to eventually cover everything and be as powerful/useful as it can be. If you don't want to go that far, then fair enough, disregard most of my previous comments.

    If the appropriate item icon doesn't exist, show item000.png instead and make a little message saying you need to create the icon.

    You could do the same for Pokémon, i.e. have a gallery of sprites/icons/footprints for the currently selected species. Just the basic ones are needed, though; you can forget about forms or gender differences or Shadowness - just show normal, shiny, normal back and shiny back, plus the icon and egg icon (usually the default one), plus the footprint.

    The choice of Pokémon colors should be more vibrant, I think. They're all rather dull at the moment.

    Are you including checks to make sure all the mandatory information exists before allowing it to be saved? I think a <thing> should be considered to exist (i.e. it needs putting in a PBS file) if it has a name/internal name set; if not, it can be ignored even if other information for that <thing> has been input.

    A Pokémon's growth rate probably belongs with the rest of its stats.
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