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    What do you think about the fact that we have a Dragon-type champion again?

    Honestly, I'd be fitting to see a Flying Champion to be arrange, so much they could do for that with their 2nd typing (Of course, an Altaria, Dragonite or Salamence would be a must).

    I could careless about the way they created Unova 2's Champion. I love Iris' dress though! After all, they got Lance back in the Tournament as well!! Though I've always loved to see a Dragon type be at used once in every Elite Four's party. Like for the first Champion would be a Ground type user, using a Garchomp (Since its better than Flygon), a Water type (Kingdra, Milotic would be challenging), Dark type (Hydreigon, actually think Dark type needs to be a champion now that I think of it) and/or a Dragon user who actually uses the Dragon EGG group rather than just a type. Charizard/Aerodactyl/Scrafty/Sceptile/Milotic and so on would be an interesting party to face, in my opinion.

    That's just my imagination to this topic lol A good topic indeed!