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I just have a few things to suggest on this hack

1. Graphics

This is my MAIN issue with the hack. I personally as a spriter think these sprites were executed very poorly. The outlines are not very smooth. The shading is very strange, the trainers need a lot more work O__O
What especialy bothers me though is the backsprite. The colors you used are just hideous. It doesnt blend at all ._.'
It also looks like some of the outline is taken out. I either recommend hiring a better spriter or reading some of chesu's spriting tutorials yourself.
Now the tiles, all I have problems with is the tree's. They look really... well flat. I recommend replacing them with fr tiles with a hint of the ruby minitree's. You can keep the pallete's though they look nice~

2. Mapping

Now it seems as if your doing natural mapping as what I can tell from the screenshots. I don't recommend this, natural mapping isn't good for games you want to have a nice game freak style but still add some beauty to the map. Goon is great at doing this, I recommend checking out some of his maps or hiring him to help with this hack.

3. Other

Well the hero I recommend redesigning him he doesnt seem to much in the pokemon game style. And on the titlescreen there is a... DIGIMON? This is a pokemon hack so I wouldnt put a digimon on the front cover, You also need to work on the text.

That would be a few nice features to include in your upcoming beta's.
The story seems fine nothing wrong with it. I hope you make these improvments.
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