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    Kai was wondering how he had gotten himself into such a situation. He wanted to prove that he was stronger than his brother and the stranger that had come to his brother and so he boarded a ship headed for the Unova region. Kai had gathered some information on the organization known as Team Plasma while he was on the ship. He found out about their ideals and what they had done to the Unova region. Kai was concerned that his choice to prove himself as better than his brother by joining Team Plasma may have not been the greatest idea. "Liberating Pokemon sounds like a good plan, but the way they explain it is just so wrong. I don't think I could ever understand such ideals." Kai said as he shook his head while watching the ocean. Kai was traveling via a ship that his brother had recommended to get to Unova. What Kai should have expected, but did not expect was that his brother had set him up for more "training". The ship was a "Battle Ship" where there battles being held all over the deck of the ship. Some people used their own Pokemon and others used some of the ships available rental Pokemon.

    There were battles all over the place and because of that Kai had no time to actually think about his idea of joining Team Plasma. "Could I really follow those kind of people?" Kai asked himself as he continued to stare at the ocean. "Being inside my own head is not helping at all...I think I will watch some battles." So Kai decided he would watch the trainers on board battle it out to past the time. Most of the Pokemon he saw where from all different regions that his brother had told him about. There were Pokemon from Kanto, Johoto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. "There is quite a variety of Pokemon here" Kai said as he continued to walk around the ship's deck. As he was walking around, he noticed a battle between a guy with a Sawk and a girl with a Prinplup.

    "Use Karate Chop, Sawk!" Sawk ran across the deck to get up close to the Prinplup, but his Karate Chop was intercepted by Prinplup using bubblebeam and hittign Sawk underneath the chin. Sawk was sent flying, but quickly recovered from the hit. His trainer was about to deliver another command, but the Prinplup was already running at Sawk. "Now Drill Peck!" The Prinplup began spinning and like a spear plowed into Sawk's chest. Sawk attempted to guard, but flew into the railings of the ship. Sawk was no longer able to battle. "I can't believe I lost to a girl!" the trainer shouted. Sawk tried to pick himself up, but then stopped when his trainer's shadow covered him.

    "What was with those weak reactions! You're a fighting type! Be better, be stronger!!!!" the trainer continued to yell at his Sawk while the girl trainer ran away along with other trainers in the area. The trainer was becoming very frightening to everyone, everyone but Kai. Kai's eyes and face told a story of disgust as looked at the trainer continued to berate his Pokemon. "How can he be so rude and mean to his own Pokemon? They are equals!!" Then Kai's brain snapped. "Equals? Isn't that what Team Plasma believes Pokemon and humans should be? Are they just trying to stop more trainers like this guy from happening and abusing Pokemon?" Kai suddenly found his knees collapsing on him and he brain going insane. the cognitive dissonance was too much!

    Kai soon snapped out of it as he saw the trainer recall his Sawk back to his Pokeball. Kai was relieved and thought the trainer had cooled down, but he was wrong. Kai soon saw the trainer move his arm back as he was going to throw the Pokeball into the ocean. "I don't need a pathetic Sawk like you! I'll go catch a better one!" shouted the trainer as he prepared to throw the ball. Kai immediately dashed over to the trainer and grabbed the ball out of his hand. As the trainer turned his head, Kai kicked him from under the chin and knocked the trainer over the railing. The trainer was barely holding on to the railing of the ship with his one hand.

    "Hey what do you think you're doing to me? To my Pokemon?" Kai simply looked down at the trainer as he raised his foot to smash the trainer's hand and said, "I'm liberating him" Kai said coldly as he stomped on the trainer's hand sending him off the ship. The trainer screamed as he was falling into the ocean, but because of his earlier berating no other trainers but Kai was there to hear it. Kai walked back to his room with Sawk's Pokeball and waited for his ship to arrive in Unova.

    "I'm going to liberate Pokemon from the chains of human trash." Kai said as he crawled into bed and slept.
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