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    Ok ill list here the members that have a place reserved

    Pazzcat->FOUNDER (since the idea was hers)

    rsgh5->COFOUNDER (since it was also his idea and he and pazzcat had the decency to PM to let me found this club)

    !Dragonite!-> SENTINEL hes been hunting for so much and posted so much he disrves this

    SKinnygreenman-> Forget about member, your SHINY MEMBER with much points to be upgraded! a lot of posts and support also.


    Tyranitar dude is SHINY MEMBER.

    others post here and youll know

    YOu dont know how much i thank pazzcat for this. I think she has the right to be founder with me just because the idea was hers. ANd i supose i can be founder cause the idea of shiny hunters was mine.

    Well rsgh5 if you dont agree with your grade tell me, but please dont be angry, no one be angry PM for anything.

    and as rsgh5 said, we all have equal rights. Powers will be used only in extreme cases, a FOUNDER COFOUNDER can never treat other members differently, we are all equal. But i hope you understand than in case of problems there has to be someone that can decided what to do

    so FULL POWER goes for me pazzcat and rsgh5.

    and nobody is better than anyone just for having higher grade its just something representative. If you guys dont like it well take it away, general votation.


    one more thing, any good ideas like skinnygreenman's can be done with no permission.

    Just as i stated before, Im equal to you, i can aonly use power in extreme cases so that wont probably happen.

    list is above, for the moment. but if i forgot some one post it.

    and about double posting

    Skinnygreenman, i sware that when i post there is a post that is not mine in last position.

    Maybe its my browser or maybe its lag, but when i posted i saw in the screen that you posted las so sorry for that. ill have to try and fix it.
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