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    Originally Posted by faku1810 View Post
    Here again, got a couple of questions for you, haha .. :p I'm on a hunt for the pokemon i missed catching the first time i went through sevii islands and right now i'm on Icefall Cave. According to bulbapedia (Icefall article) I should be able to find a sneasel as well as delibird (since your hack includes pokemon from both version), however, i haven't come across a single Sneasel in all the time i've been in the cave, not even with Sweet Scent, but i did find a fair ammount of Delibirds.

    All the other "exclusives" like slowpoke/psyduck are found just well, but no matter how much i fish, i don't find krabby or kingler either (though kingler rate is pretty low, krabby has 80% with the Good rod) so i'm not sure if this is a problem with the hack or not.

    On a side note, i found celebi and as it was level 7, i thought something that could be cool, but i don't know about hacking so i'm not sure if it would be possible to do: Apply some sort of post-catch event for high level legendary pokemon in which the player gets a message that they're trying to use "Regression", "Rebirth" or some other made-up ability that will made them go back to a low level with an appropriate move set and be prompted to stop them or let them do it; that way one could enjoy an epic and hard battle with high level legendaries and still choose if they want to train them from scratch after capture.

    It's just something i thought because for me it IS rather dissapointing to catch a legendary like celebi with a Hypnosis + False Swipe + Ultraball combo, where the only difficulty lays on its catch-rate more than the battle itself. But i understand if my idea is a bit unrealistic or not so doable.

    Edit: This would be useful even for Mew, so that it's a bit more challenging but still possible to re-train it from then on.

    I am going through right now finding every pokemon and making sure they are where they are supposed to be... I had not gotten up to sneasle yet

    My players guide "walkthrough" is finished, the Index is up to the Pokemon where I am listing the location of every pokemon...

    Krabby has been added (although only at 20%) in order to keep krabby and horsea, but krabby is in no way rare or missing from the game, sheasle however WAS missing so thanks he has been added to the icefall cave... idk how I missed him, I love sneasle