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    Originally Posted by faku1810 View Post
    Here again, got a couple of questions for you, haha .. :p I'm on a hunt for the pokemon i missed catching the first time i went through sevii islands and right now i'm on Icefall Cave. According to bulbapedia (Icefall article) I should be able to find a sneasel as well as delibird (since your hack includes pokemon from both version), however, i haven't come across a single Sneasel in all the time i've been in the cave, not even with Sweet Scent, but i did find a fair ammount of Delibirds.

    All the other "exclusives" like slowpoke/psyduck are found just well, but no matter how much i fish, i don't find krabby or kingler either (though kingler rate is pretty low, krabby has 80% with the Good rod) so i'm not sure if this is a problem with the hack or not. :S

    On a side note, i found celebi and as it was level 7, i thought something that could be cool, but i don't know about hacking so i'm not sure if it would be possible to do: Apply some sort of post-catch event for high level legendary pokemon in which the player gets a message that they're trying to use "Regression", "Rebirth" or some other made-up ability that will made them go back to a low level with an appropriate move set and be prompted to stop them or let them do it; that way one could enjoy an epic and hard battle with high level legendaries and still choose if they want to train them from scratch after capture.

    It's just something i thought because for me it IS rather dissapointing to catch a legendary like celebi with a Hypnosis + False Swipe + Ultraball combo, where the only difficulty lays on its catch-rate more than the battle itself. But i understand if my idea is a bit unrealistic or not so doable.

    Edit: This would be useful even for Mew, so that it's a bit more challenging but still possible to re-train it from then on.
    Thanks :)

    I am going through right now finding every pokemon and making sure they are where they are supposed to be... I had not gotten up to sneasle yet :)

    My players guide "walkthrough" is finished, the Index is up to the Pokemon where I am listing the location of every pokemon...

    Krabby has been added (although only at 20%) in order to keep krabby and horsea, but krabby is in no way rare or missing from the game, sheasle however WAS missing so thanks :) he has been added to the icefall cave... idk how I missed him, I love sneasle