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    Originally Posted by faku1810 View Post
    I see, that's great, i'll just have to train a pair of clamperls :P I missed that event with Celebi because i got to catch it the first time i had a battle with it, would have been interesting to see haha

    About the delevel it's okay, it was just a thought i had at the moment. It would be cool to see it on a hack though, even if it's just a low priority work "just to see what it would be like" :P
    But in fact, if you let your imagination go wild, you can even pìcture a whole new concept for a pokemon hack with that in mind:

    Like being "Rebirth" a must in order to progress, catching pokemon in the way with a "Rebirth ball" or something.. Say you find a pokemon blocking the road (like Snorlax) whose hp never gets lower than 1hp*, and is immune to any ball but the Rebirth one, so you can either run or try your hardest to catch it. I guess it would be possible as there are instances where these things happen (false swipe, marowak ghost), but still would have to be a regular capture-rate ball or just be a very strong pokemon (relative to the point in the game), or both, to make things fair.
    But anyways, i'm going very offtopic here haha

    *Or just make it so if it faints it will still be there at full health or recovering, so you have to come back later. This would work best on a pokemon game with in-game clock, but step count could work just as well or having to visit a pokecenter between fights.

    (Spoiler since it is WAY, WAY offtopic, i can't believe my own imagination)
    That is a really cool idea, and totally worth putting in a hack... the rebirth ball... I like it, would it drop them to lv 5 or drop them a certain number of levels? you could make several legendary (i wouldnt say all) require the ball... or even have a lv 100 fight that requires the ball... so you have a hard time beating it then catch it with the ball and (if if drops to lv 5) you would have to start all over lol

    if we wanted to do some math, it could drop them a random large percentage of their current level... like 60-95%... so a lv 20 could end up at 2 or 8... a lv 100 could end up at 5 or 25 or even 40 (so their current lv would not depict what level they end up at after you catch them)

    it would be a bad choice of ball for low level pokes but a great choice if you wanted to train legendaries... and I have no qualms making it a x2 (ultraball) because of its "negative" side effect (especially on lower level pokemon)

    I have several members of another forum working up a story for a hack they want me to make... this would be a great addition to it (as it is its own story, it can have new elements)

    maybe there is a Safari zone "like" event where you go in agians a bunch of REALLY high lv pokemon, (like 90-100) and you can only use these balls, maybe they are rare and the only way to catch them is in this event... (like chansey in the current safari event)