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Zayne Alta

Zayne sighed, getting up and brushing the sand from himself he retrieved a pokeball from the belt he had at his waste aiming it at the magestic bird pokemon circling above him
"We should get a move on guys" I still have to find the dorms, hope that in-house teachers don't have a terrible job and get myself settled" he said as he clicked a button returning Andromeda to her pokeball in a flash of red light as Aura slowly returned to his feet. He would have liked to sit and meditate for a while longer, but his trainer was probably right he figured.

Side by side the two companions walked south-westerly down the beach in the direction of the academy watching as the various wild pokemon and even a few of the academy's students went about their lives. Zayne was fairly certain he'd like his new job really, the island seemed peaceful enough but it also was likely to have enough action to keep him from getting bored, that being said he kind of missed his home in Veilstone.

As Zayne and Aura neared the dorms they walked past the academy buildings and training fields inspecting the academy and its occupants alike and the peaceful walk seemed to go quickly despite it taking a fairly decent amount of time from their starting point. Adjusting his bag Zayne noticed a group of students gathering behind the nearby dorms and whilst he wasn't a suspicious person by nature he decided that he should probably check it out. He rounded the side of a building to see three trainers; One boy in a Raikou jacket had a sableye with him, a trainer with several dragon type pokemon donning and a third with a turtwig. Zayne, along with Aura, walked up the small gathering
"What are you three doing back here?" he inquired before standing patiently, waiting for an answer.
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