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    Rick called out for Deerling to get some distance as soon as the Pokeball froze, leaving him one pokeball less than he had before. Both Rick and Deerling had to duck out of the way as shots of ice-cold snow came flying their way. The area was hard to maneuver, but it wasn't impossible, and Deerling were great at dealing with tough terrain, as they lived in many different climates and under many many different weather patterns. Deerling leaped over the third volley of Powder snow and proceeded to double kick the Speal once more, leaving it quite low on health. If there was a scale, it would say that the Spheal was in the red, ripe for the picking. But just to be safe, Rick had Deerling get up after taking the Water Gun to the face and use Tackle, nocking the Speal away from the beach and onto the dry road. Still asleep, Rick threw another Pokeball, hoping to catch this guy this time.

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