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    Rick Cache - That Was So Laguna beach!

    "Deerling, I'm pregnant, and you're the father!"

    "How the hell does that even work if I'm a female, Spheal!"

    "... Secret Tunnels..."

    Sorry, that's everything I got for today xD Still better than Twilight :) Capture attempt failed, sorry. Spheal is gone, too. Awake and everything. Rolled its way the hell away from there. Better luck next time...
    Chapter B2 The One That Goes After The First But Before The Third Whose Lousy Title Tells You Nothing About Its Contents


    Brought to you by the nun. Which nun, you ask? NUN OF YOUR BUSINESS!

    It was a long time ago... so long, in fact, that no one actually cares remembers. They say that Hoenn was created along with all the other regions because of Groudon and Kyogre moving the lands and seas. But... then what? There are no traces showing that anything interesting actually happened here. No manuscripts. No cave drawings. Nothing at all, almost as if they didn't want us to know what happen. But Hoenn is boring, right? There can't be much to it... Right?

    However, after a very extensive search for said traces, something was finally found inside of Rusturf Tunnel. It was a small gem, that could be held inside of one's hand, a gem with what seemed to be a Pokemon inside of it. The species was later found to be a Boldore, a rather common Pokemon of the Unova region.

    Some time later, underwater, several writings were found embossed in walls all around. All of them written in Braille. Most of them talk about Regirock, Regice and Registeel, the legendary golems of the Hoenn region... but some of them don't....

    After a while, a theory was created, a theory that, despite explaining some stuff, remains as nothing but a suggestion:

    • These "gems" go by another name in a very distant land: "Burst Hearts". They have an apparently simple purpose that seem to be from before the time of the Pokéball: they allow their bearers to fuse with the Pokemon contained in them.

    • The engravings speak of a group of people that used their Burst Hearts to help those in need. At the same time, there were people who thought that they had to control those who didn't have said gems.

    • These engravings then state that both groups split, with those that fought for justice staying, and those who shared different ideals going to a far away land. Nothing else is known about those who departed the land of Hoenn.

    • As for the others, not much is known about them, except that they had descendants that somehow didn't continue with their Burst Warrior Legacy with the advent of Pokéballs.

    Some people believed in this theory. One in particular got his hands on the gem, and nearly died in an attempt to fuse with the Boldore inside. Regardless, his experience drove others to find other Burst Hearts and attempt fusing with them. From these people, several ones shared the same ideal of controlling the masses, and so came to be known the organization we know as Team Gaia. They began with petty crimes, like stealing and the sort, but they've recently started attacking cities in their attempts to gain control over the region. They've taken over Rustboro City and burned it to the ground, searching for a relic that the Devon Corporation's been bragging about called the "Compass of Light". With it, Team Gaia is able to track Burst Hearts all over the region, and they'll stop at nothing to get it.

    gossip girl The nun :D

    ROUTE 116


    Don't expect to be on a catching spree, guys. In case you didn't notice, a bunch of terrorists are literally killing everything that moves. At thus, all those Wurmple are hiding in the deepest corners of their tall grass tiles. You won't see many, no matter how much you stomp their homes.

    116 is the number of a wide Route that proudly extends all the way to Verdanturf, with Rusturf Tunnel being the joint point that unites them whole. It possesses multiple hills and water bodies, the landscape has an incredibly varying height all the way and houses a huge amount of Wild Pokemon.

    That beauty is at risk right now. A terrorist organization that goes by the name of Team Gaia is destroying the Route and Rusturf Tunnel. And they had a reason, they looked all over for a Burst Heart and the Compass of Light... and they found them. Expect lots of grunts in the Route, using Pokemon ranging from the mild Abra to the pesky Garbodor.

    <<Levels for these kind of battles are not added until the GMs decide to do so. The amount of levels depends on the efforts of each RPer, and the opinion of the GMs>>

    Wild Pokemon:

    In addition to this, some Pokemon escaped from Rusturf Tunnel. Their homes were destroyed, as the tunnel is pretty much caved in. The Pokemon that have joined the wildness of the Route are as follow:



    Please have some imagination and picture this with a thick fog, if you may. Thank you.

    A rather short passage that is known to be shrouded in fog... a really think one, actually. It also house the odd Pokemon Whismur. And that's pretty much there is to it...

    In the very entrance of the tunnel, or rather, right after you enter, a very special guest awaits for intruders... It's Arlu Rieth of the Seven Warriors! With his Braviary traits, which have been shifted to those of a Metagross, he poses a huge threat for you to face. Do not waste time trying to beat him; you won't. Actually, don't even go looking for him. You will die trying.

    Furthermore, another very special guest is here. Alana "Ice Queen" Heart. She's another of the Seven Warriors, and is fused with a Beartic — you're screwed trying to fight her, too. As you can see, this is now an incredibly dangerous place, and if you still don't believe it, please take a look at their stats.

    Arlu Reith w/ Metagross
    Warrior of Doom
    @ Enigma Berry
    Clear Body
    -Hammer Arm
    -Bullet Punch
    -Gyro Ball

    Alana Heart w/ Beartic
    Warrior of Emotion
    @ Nevermeltice
    Snow Cloak
    -Icicle Crash
    -Aerial Ace
    -Shadow Claw
    Now, the stuff you were looking for: the actual chapter!

    BURSTing into Life

    "I thought we weren't allowed to use the Burst Hearts."

    "You're not," he says as he holds device up high, the wind no longer blowing around and several Pokémon cries heard among the ruckus. "And Arlu will certainly pay for disobeying my rules."

    A thin beam of light flies around, passing unnoticed over Rusturf Tunnel and Rustboro City, pretty much because everyone is trying to stay alive for at least one more second. It goes all the way across the sky, eventually crashing in a far away island that can barely be seen.

    "Dewford, huh?" The man in flashy clothes asks. His trench coat similar in style to the man standing next to his, but with a purple and white color scheme. Talk about a fabulous outfit. Who does he think he is? Champion Wallace?

    "So it seems." The one with the dark coat stares down as a Zigzagoon of a slightly clearer color arrives holding an Oran Berry.

    "Why can't you just find a Hyper Potion or something, not this crap anymore!" He grabs the Oran berry, and crushes it. Zigzagoon quickly eating what falls into the ground.

    "Sigh... Well, you know what to do, Marvel." He turn around, facing the flashy coated man. His dense, blonde hair waving around in an elegant, fashionable style. Again, talk about fabulous.

    "Off to Dewford, it is!" Marvel jumps from the peak of Rusturf Tunnel, where both of them had been standing the entire time. A white veil covers him as he places a Burst Heart against his chest.

    "SHAOOO!" The now transformed Burst Warrior cries as he quickly hops around the trees. And somehow unable to be noticed at all, Marvel the Mienshao Warrior makes his way outside of the Route.

    "Your outfit's too flashy. You're too loud, too." So much for being discreet.


    "Shut up and bring me a Hyper Potion already..."

    What you may, must and can't do:
    • You must traverse the route (the nun commands you to).
    • You may catch Pokemon (but not as much as you would like to; plenty are still hiding).
    • You may fight the Burst Warriors. You. Will. Die. No exceptions.
    • You can't exit the Route once you've entered. (Plot devices, suckahs.)
    • You may challenge Roxanne for your first badge. However, she may be busy, and you may not be able to find her, because at the time of this chapter's release, she has caved herself, an innocent trainer, and four members of Team Gaia in Rusturf Tunnel.

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