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    The Adventures of Giovannia Luca
    Luca's words on the topic? "Like I care?"
    A lone figure strode into the clearing. It had been a while since Gio had been outside of Mauville. He had always been hanging out with his crew behind the Roleplay Game Corner. His figure could be spotted from across the clearing. He was slouching, as usual, and loping along, his large black headphones clamped on to his head. The loud metal could be heard from Littleroot Town, but he couldn't care less. His favorite song, All I Want, was going off, to be replaced by a series of Pierce the Veil songs. His collection of popular metal music was impressive, spanning over three hundred songs. He was tapping out the guitar part on his thighs while mouthing the screaming and singing to himself. Just doing one part of it wasn't nearly enough. He had to do all of the parts. Including the drums.

    As he was walking along, doing his own little thing, he noticed a movement in the trees to the left. The whole clearing was quiet...if you don't take his music into account. He slid his headphones down around his neck and turned to face the direction the rustling came from. "..What the hell?" A Poochyena burst from the forest and slammed full-force into Giovanni, sending him spiraling to the ground. Before long the pair was rolling through the grass towards Littleroot Town. Gio was just barely holding the Poochyena off him. Barely. It was snapping and snarling, but the well muscled Italian was holding his own. He had just enough time to look over his shoulder to see that Birch guy's laboratory. They both slammed into it. Giovanni stood up as the Professor ran out and saw the unconcious pokemon. Before it could recover, he threw a pokeball at it. It disappeared with a red flash.
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