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SCYKE ICK - Showdown in Oldale Town

"Here's your Pokemon, sir!"

A pretty lady with a little hat and flourishing pink hair came over to the Pokemon Centre till with a tray that had two Pokeballs on it. Scyke quickly finished his coffee, binned it and picked up Zap and Snover. "Thanks Nurse Joy, it's really nice of you!" Scyke attached Snover's Pokeball while letting Zap out to his shoulder. "Aha, I was only doing my usual duty; besides I think you have company waiting for you.” Scyke turned to see Tyre and the other kids outside, waiting for him. Scyke sighed. “Aish, that kid really does want to face me. While waiting I did read up a bit on Zap and his ability but I’m still not confident. I’ve only battled once.” Nurse Joy surprisingly giggled, “Don’t worry; Tyre likes to talk big about his rare Pokemon but really that boy haven’t won many battles his faced. He kind of challenges every trainer that comes across around here, and the ones who actually accept it usually win fairly quickly.” Scyke paused and looked back at the woman. “You know Tyre?” “Mhm. His always hanging around the lounge area in this Pokemon Centre. Although Oldale isn’t visited much by trainers because of not having much of importance there are still rookie trainers who visit here after getting their first Pokemon from Professor Birch.” Scyke nodded. He was one of these trainers himself. He wondered whereabouts some of the other trainers who got their first Pokemon from the old man were right now. “Anyway, you probably shouldn’t stick around here much. Tyre looks like his getting tired of waiting.”

Scyke agreed and waved goodbye to Nurse Joy before stepping outside. The group of kids stopped talking and turned to face Scyke, Tyre in-front. “We’ll have our battle over there, right between Route 101 and Oldale Town. How ‘bout that?” Scyke didn’t complain and walked with the group towards the open field. His mind was focused on winning. One of the little girls, Poppy, stepped up, “I’ll be the referee! Don’t worry Scyke, I’ve done this loooots of times!” Scyke smiled at her and then focused on Tyre, wondering what this Pokemon he was hyping about was. Everyone took their places, Scyke stood at the left while Tyre positioned opposite. “WELCOME TO THE OLDALE CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLE! I’m your amazing host, Poppy, and today we have a challenger from Mr Trainer, who will be facing our champion, the one and only, TYRE LUM!” Straight afterwards the other kids started cheering and screaming things like “Beat that guy, Tyre!!” or “You can do this, our Champion!”

Scyke was dumbfounded by the set-up but also found it really cute; Zap was a little more confused. “This is a one-on-one battle; the winner will be the one who still has a Pokemon standing!” Tyre brought out a Pokeball and enlarged it, “Come at me Scyke; I’ll give it my best shot!” Scyke nodded and gave a determined smile, “I’m sure you will Tyre!”


“Zap, get ready to battle!" Zap nodded at Scyke before jumping forwards, letting out a battle cry and jolting volts out of his cheeks. It was getting pumped to fight. "Well here it comes then! My special Pokemon! Let's go, Poochyena!" Tyre lobbed a Pokeball towards the battlefield, which burst open and emitted a wolf-like Pokemon out. At first Scyke wondered what was so special about a Poochyena until he actually saw the Pokemon in flesh. His jaw dropped to the floor. The Poochyena was gold. FREAKING GOLD. "Behold, my special Poochyena, a GOLD Poochyena! Haha, you didn't think I was bluffing, did ya?" Scyke just grinned in reply and snapped his headband. The battle had just got a lot more interesting for him.

Without warning, he ordered his Pikachu to an attack - "Zap, use Tail Whip to begin with!" Zap wiggled his tail towards the shiny Poochyena, which seemed to have dropped his defenses a little afterwards. "Follow up with a Thundershock!" Then Zap dropped his tail and jumped up to blast a jolt of electricity towards the Bite Pokemon. "Poochyena, dodge!" yelled Tyre, but it was too late; Poochyena took a direct hit.

"Aargh! Poochyena, Tackle!" After a little stumble, the shiny Poochyena shook the damage off and charged full-body towards Zap, who collided back in impact. Zap jumped up straight afterwards. "Ok Zap, hit it with your secret move - Hidden Power!" Zap gave a little nod before jumping up again, this time conjuring some kind of power before releasing a blue orb from it's body towards the Poochyena. Tyre called out for it to dodge; it was too late again. "Don't give up, Poochyena! Use Tackle again!" Poochyena charged again towards Zap just like last time. Zap got ready to defend himself, but then instead of hitting with all it's power, Poochyena jumped above the Pikachu and stood right behind him. Tyre quickly called out, "USE BITE!" and in response Poochyena opened it's mouth and chomped Zap, who cried in pain. Scyke stood there shocked at the event - he wasn't expecting Tyre to use tactics against him. "Hold on Pikachu! Grab Poochyena and hit it with a Thundershock!" After the Bite attack finished, the Pikachu stumbled backwards but then held itself up, and jumped towards Poochyena to grab it. Succeeding, Zap quickly charged himself up before electrocuting the gold Poochyena, who's little legs had been forcefully stretched by the shock. After a few seconds of the attack, Zap let go of the Poochyena and jumped back, gasping for air. Poochyena just laid down where it had been electrocuted.

"Poo- Poochyena is unable to battle! Mr Trainer wins!" The other kids started cheering; Tyre fell to his knees. "Aww, man! I just can't seem to win!" Scyke walked towards Tyre, Zap jumping to his shoulder in the process. "That was an excellent battle, Tyre! I thoroughly enjoyed that," Scyke winked and continued, "I'm sure when you start your journey as a Pokemon trainer you'll do very well!" Tyre looked up in awe and started jumping. "Mr Trainer, I want to be just like you! When I get stronger, we'll battle again for sure!" Scyke's cheeks turned rosy red from the compliment and started smiling uncontrollably, "I'm just a rookie trainer, but thanks! And sure Tyre, we will battle sometime again!" After a few more chatter and a return to the Pokemon Centre, Scyke bidded farewell to the children before setting off for Route 102. With an experience of a Pokemon battle with another person and seeing a shiny Pokemon for the first time, Scyke was excited for what else his journey laid in-front of him.
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