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Sara with Flower Girl Selena
Sara stopped crying and just glared at the rubble. She felt plenty of anger rising within her. "Sara..." Selena said softly, "We should see nurse joy about your hands." Sara looked down at her hands, bloodied and scarred. She didn't feel the pain yet, though it was creeping in.

"We came here to avoid violence." Sara said, "We were threatened to leave Orre, they said it was safer here." She continued looking at her hands. She had punched concrete so hard she needed stitches. This pain was different though. The cuts were not deep enough for stitches, though somehow they looked like the worst wounds in the world. "I have no way to tell my father either. He will never know what happened." She clenched her teeth.

"Maybe we should go back to my home..." Selena said sympathetically, "I think my mother would be glad to take you in..."

"You can go home. It's probably too dangerous now anyways." The monotone, anger filled, growling in the way Sara spoke frightened Selena. "I'm going to get revenge. I'm going to find out why this happened. Then make them regret doing it."

Selena squirmed, she couldn't just let Sara do that, Sara would die. But she was too scared to say no, and there was nothing Selena coud say that would change Sara's mind. "T-then I'll help you." Sara looked Selena in the eye. It was a cold stare, and words didn't have to be said that Sara wasn't in the mood for jokes. "Y-yea, I know every plant, pokemon, and city in Hoenn I could help you get around a-and stay alive without money if you need t-to." Selena couldn't stop shivering.

Sara's glare was still stone cold, though outloud she said, "Fine. Do you know how to fight?" Selena shook her head, "I figured." But Sara knew she would probably need a guide, and a companion. "Then you better be one hell of a trainer." She looked down at her hands. The pain was now rising, and tears accumulated in her eyes. "L-let's go see a nurse." She said shakily.
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