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    Gym Leader/E4/Champion (choose one): Gym Leader
    Name: Peter
    Title: Mysterious Trainer
    Type specialty: All Around
    Pokemon: Charizard - Raichu - Braviary - Victreebell - Feraligatr - Gengar
    Personality and Background: After finding an injured Charmander in the woods, I took it back to a Pokemon center and healed it. The Charmander decided to stay with me and I trained it. Two years later, I teamed up with lance and Gold to take down Team Rocket. I was captured, but Charmander saved me, and I rescued a Rufflet, Bellsprout and Totodile from Team Rocket. When we escaped, I found two Pokemon following me: Pichu and Gastly. I eventually trained my team, beat the Elite 4, and became the 8th Gym Leader.
    I am a really mysterious person, and I don't talk much. Hence the title: Mysterious Trainer.
    "Ignore the negative things you can't change, but change the negative things you can't ignore."